Find the Best Personal Trainer for You

After the conversation, you should feel relatively comfortable with the trainer and their approaches to help you reach your goals. Pat yourself on the back. You asked some great questions, and you can feel confident that your trainer has the skills and motivational drive to help you succeed.

Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms & the Food Movement

Is Mandatory GMO Labeling the Hero We Deserve… or the One We Think We Need Right Now? (I am the food movement.) Chelsea Clarke December 13, 2015 Table of Contents Introduction The Food Movement Mandatory GMO Labeling Current Policy Vermont, Northeast States, & Others What Does the “Right to Know” Mean? Current Federal Legislative Actions…

Reflections on Work and School: What I learned in NYC

It’s the end of my first year at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. It’s been a whirlwind. How did this year go by so fast? I want to reflect on this past year, but to do that I need to reflect on my first 3 years, post-college. Some of my friends in grad school…

Life Organization in the Digital Age: Part II

Starting the Discussion I want to hear your methods. How do you organize? How do you prioritize deadlines, manage bills and payments, schedule meetings, prioritize and respond to emails, remember to prepare the coffee at night, plan your meals, navigate daily and weekly errands, and find time to relax and have fun… with technology, paper,…

Life Organization in the Digital Age: Part I

I don’t understand why our schools aren’t teaching us the most important things in life. That is, how to live. (Ok, Chelsea, a bit broad here, isn’t that what we’re supposed to learn in life?) Ok, fine. How to learn. How to function in society after school. How to choose and prepare healthy and balanced meals….