I have trained with Chelsea for over three years and absolutely love working with her. – I highly recommend Chelsea. Chelsea’s approach is highly personalized and she is a caring, motivating, and fun coach. I have had different goals while training. First, she helped me get into amazing shape for my wedding – I was very pleased with the results and could not imagine stopping our work together after the wedding – so we kept going! Second, Chelsea trained with me through an injury, carefully tailoring the training program to my needs. Third, Chelsea worked with me after surgery to get back in action and in shape. Through all of this Chelsea has been a flexible, patient, and inspiring coach.

– Mariah Collins
Boston, MA

Before I started to work with Chelsea, I had a chance to work with other trainers, and I can clearly see the traits that make her an outstanding advisor and coach. Chelsea’s solid educational background makes her an expert in the physiology of fitness training and in nutrition science. Moreover, watching her interactions with myself and other clients I am very much impressed by her ability to conduct the key concepts of her training agenda to every client.

Her clientele is highly diverse and she constantly faces the challenging task of finding an individualized approach to every client, and does it perfectly well. Chelsea’s attentiveness to all bits of feedback that the client may have, and her inquisitive approach allow her to build a truly personalized training program for each client that is always safe but still challenging.

– Anna Belkina
Boston, MA