In all my services, my underlying principles include: fostering a healthy relationship with food & fitness, achieving body confidence in the way you move & feel, and offering sustainable solutions that help you lead a balanced lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaching

My approach to nutrition involves meeting my clients where they are at. We will talk about healthy meals & food choices that align with your life, factoring in your time, tastes, culture, and social life. This service includes:

  • bimonthly 30-min video or voice call check-ins
  • meal planning advice tailored for your goals
  • unlimited responses to nutrition questions via email & optional photo food journal app

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Strength & Flexibility Programming

For clients who are motivated to work out on their own, I offer individualized movement programs. This package also includes:

  • strength & stretching exercise programs, updated weekly
  • bimonthly 30-min video or voice call check-ins
  • instructional exercise videos

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Nutrition Coaching + Exercise Programming

This is the full package for anyone who wants to dive into some big lifestyle changes with a healthy diet & functional exercise! This package includes everything in the two programs listed above.

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Individual Personal Training

This service is for those who need some more guidance on exercise execution and form. As always, my individualized movement programs are customized for you, based on your goals & fitness level. In each session, we will:

  • work on proper exercise form
  • troubleshoot nutrition, time, motivation and other issues standing in the way of meeting your goals
  • drive progress towards your goals & more advanced movement skills.

We meet via video call or in-person, if you’re in my city!

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Initial Consultation

Not sure what you want? Schedule an initial consultation with me via video or voice call!

  • Throughout the consultation, I offer personalized advice on nutrition and exercise that you can apply to your life right away.
  • By the end of the session, I will have a better idea of your needs and will recommend the best course of action to help you reach your goals!

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