How to stop being lazy and stop making excuses

Rephrase and reframe!

You want to know how to stop making excuses? Stop using that phrase, and reframe your thinking. You are not lazy, and those aren’t excuses. Those are your habits, convenient behaviors, values, and unspoken priorities.

You are not lazy, and those aren't excuses Those are your habits, convenient behaviors, values, unspoken priorities

“I didn’t do my meal prep.”
“I only got 1 strength workout this week.”
“I skipped breakfast.”
“I didn’t go for my scheduled run.”

My clients will say things like this, and follow it up with, “Those are just excuses. I need to do better.” And then they proceed to try and “suck it up,” “stop being lazy,” and “just do it.”

Well, wait. Slow down for a second. What happened this week to get in your way? My clients have said:

“My daughter was sick, and I didn’t sleep well because I was up during taking care of her.”

Ok, so those are your values and priorities coming up! That’s not an “excuse,” it’s totally understandable that things didn’t go according to schedule. Do you agree that being there for your family is a higher priority than sticking to your workout schedule?

“I slept in because I was up late watching Netflix. So I skipped breakfast and got straight to work.”

Those are some habits and unspoken priorities. You have a habit of screen time at night, and a priority of sleep over food in the morning. Sleep is important, so that’s understandable. Let’s work on those habits, and then you won’t have to prioritize sleep over breakfast.

“I didn’t do meal prep because I was too hungry after work to cook food. I just stopped and got some fast food.”

It sounds like you fell back on convenience behaviors. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t have the patience to cook food after work if you are starving. How would you solve that problem for yourself next time?

Stop beating yourself up for choices that reflect your amazingly full, complex, and chaotic life. Instead, be curious!

So, if you want to know how to stop making excuses and JUST DO IT… This is how I coach my clients to make lasting changes in their lives.

It’s way better to be curious about your choices, rather than name calling yourself “lazy” and dismissing things in your life as “excuses.” If we are curious, we can identify the things that are “getting in your way” and problem solve to set you up for success!

And sometimes, it’s not even about problem solving or getting anything out of your way. If something comes up with family or a close friend , of course you’ll be there for them instead of going for that run you planned. We can identify your values and priorities that so you can be fully present in your life and  stop beating yourself up!

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