Last Minute Gift Ideas for a Better Relationship with Food, Your Body, and Yourself

Did Christmas sneak up on you again? We’ve got one week! Um, and Hanukkah starts on Monday! If you’re doing any last minute gift shopping (like I am…) Or if you need to give someone gift ideas for yourself, I’ve got some suggestions for you! My perspective on gifts is that I want them to be super useful, as well as cute, fun, & thoughtful. Here’s some gift ideas that have you covered, from the kitchen to the coziest corner in your home. (Note: I have provided some affiliate links)

Kitchen Stuff

Soup bowl and plate

  • Tramontina Professional Frying Pan – Frying pans lose their non-stick, especially the lower quality ones. Get a quality non-stick pan for the person in your life that loves to cook… or the person that hates to cook. I promise, a good non-stick pan can change your perception of cooking! The 10 inch is the perfect size for a 2 egg omelette, and the 12 inch is great for making one-pan dishes with protein + veggies + carbs.
  • Rice Cooker – For the busy single person, busy parent, or busy college student. I have a tiny 4-cup rice cooker. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s one of the best kitchen purchases I’ve made. Great for a quick, easy carb, and/or food prep. Just rinse the rice, add water, and hit one button. No hovering over the stove! Some rice cookers even have the ability to cook things other than rice, like oats, quinoa, etc. Or maybe you can even steam veggies. Check the instructions first!
  • Dual Air Fryer – Another great purchase for easy food prep after a long day. Great gift for anyone who has some spare counter space and absolutely no energy to cook food at the end of the day. 8 quart… or get the 10 quart for family-sized meals or extra food prepping for the week.
  • Pyrex Storage Containers – For the person in your life that cooks a lot, but still uses plastic “tupperware” containers. These rectangular ones prove to be the most useful for me for food prep and storage in my fridge. Great for bringing your lunch to work and heating up in the microwave.
  • Soup & Sandwich Plate & Mug – For the person in your life that has all the kitchen gadgets. They probably don’t have this! A great plate combo for winter — soup & sandwich or… salad & sandwich combo for summer! Also a visual reminder that a soup or salad is most often not enough for a meal. This plate combo helps us add carbs or protein in the form of bread or a sandwich… or chips/crackers/french fries.
Daily Gear

Chico reusable bags

  • Nomadix sweat wicking towels – Great gift for the active person(s) in your life. Trying to guess clothing sizes is treacherous, but this workout towel has more than enough fabric for even the sweatiest activity (or person). Trust me.
  • Hydroflask – for the person in your life that is a professional at hydration… and can always use another water bottle, just in case.
    • And accessories! They’re useful, and will be a very thoughtful gift for anyone that already has a Hydroflask.
    • Car Cup Holder Expander for giant water bottles, like the 32/40 oz Hydroflask
  • Arcbottle with Time Markers – for the person in your life that you know doesn’t hydrate enough.
  • Teleties – Hair ties that look cute on your wrist and won’t rip out your hair.
  • Chico Reusable Grocery Bags – For the environmentally conscious person, and/or anyone who lives in a state with a plastic bag tax. These fold up and are great to keep in your car or bag for whenever you need them!

Perfectionism workbook


BestSelf Planner

  • Best Self Planner – without dates, so you can start and stop using this planner whenever you want.. no worries if you skip a week, or two, or five…
  • Best Self Scribe Blank Notebook – with dot grid instead of lines. For someone like me who likes to write all over the page, this keeps you organized without constraining you to write within the lines.
  • Fabriano Dot Grid Notebook – For the project/planner in your life. More dot grid pages for those with creative genius (aka messy handwriting). FYI, the pages very easily tear out. Great for lists, not so great if you want to keep things in notebook format. Cute colors, and you can also check out their spiral notebooks or stapled/bound books that don’t rip out so easily.
  • Journaling Prompts: 52 Lists for Happiness & 52 Lists for Calm & 52 Lists for Bravery

Laziness does not exist book

You can buy hard copy, Kindle, or audiobook, whatever you think will be most useful to the receiver! I love getting a good old paperback book… but it’s always a pain if you have to lug it back from the holidays in a suitcase… or if your dog eats the book -_-

This time of year is often super stressful. I hope this list helps you with your gift giving/receiving! I tried to provide links to things that you can get within the next few days that will arrive before the 25th.  This means that most of these are Amazon links. For some of these products, you can always go directly to the company website and order, or shop at a local bookstore, if that feels better to you and your values.

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