Individual Nutrition Coaching

My approach to nutrition involves meeting my clients where they are at. We will talk about balanced meals & food choices that align with your life, factoring in your time, tastes, culture, and social life.

What’s it like to work with me?

This is a judgment free zone, and I’m here to help you! I am not here to bring you more shame and guilt about your food or exercise.

No, I don’t provide strict meal plans or complicated recipes (but I might sent you some super easy recipe ideas, if that’s your thing). What I do is much closer to therapy on the subject of food and nutrition than it is to writing a meal plan or calculating macros. Still, I am a dietitian nutritionist…. and I love to provide structure and clarity to my sessions. Here’s some things I provide:

Weekly Video Calls

During each call, we might…

  • Review your food logs or food choices, what you felt went well and what didn’t, and any nutrition questions that you had in the last week.
  • Recap an “out of control” or restrictive food episode, what led up to it, and how you can address that situation with more knowledge and clarity (and self-compassion) next time.
  • Talk about how to properly fuel and hydrate for an upcoming workout or competition.
  • Create a flexible meal plan, together.
  • Discuss lab tests and any recommended supplements.
  • Reflect on your overall mindset and outlook on your progress—what are you doing to celebrate your successes?
Resources & Workbooks

Depending on what we talk about, each week I send resources, worksheets, or recommend reading or workbooks. These resources will help you better understand and practice the knowledge and skills we discussed in the video call throughout the next week until we meet again.

Accountability & Goal Setting

Each call, we set 1-3 intentions to work on for next week, and we will check-in and troubleshoot any issues that came up next time we meet.

This is how we make progress.

There is no quick fix… but I promise, you can still feel supported with clarity and step-by-step guidance in your journey.

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