Welcome to Balance Chaos!

I am a San Diego-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Personal Trainer offering online & in-person coaching services to help you find the optimal balance of chaos in your life through nutrition and movement.

I specialize in nutrition counseling for
  • eating disorder recovery
  • sports nutrition & Athletic Performance
  • mental health (ADHD, Depression, Anxiety)
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Gut health (because this affects all of the above ^^^)

My services cater to your specific needs, whether you seek nutrition counseling to recover from an eating disorder, to improve your sports performance, or take care of your mental health & sleep! We will work through myths and misconceptions about nutrition, identify any barriers or obstacles to change, and discuss meals & food choices that align with your life, factoring in your time, tastes, culture, and social life.

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