Balance of Chaos


Healthy relationships.

This is what it’s about. Not necessarily a healthy love life or a healthy social life, which is what we think about when we hear the word “relationship.” Although, that is a part of it. I’m talking about a healthy relationship (connection, association, correspondence, alliance, bond, interconnection) with yourself. With your body. With food. With exercise. With the world around you.

But back to health. Not just weight-loss or muscle gain to look good. Not just a killer workout to feel sore muscles. Not just nutrition for the sake of living a longer life. And not even just health for you. Balance of Chaos is about achieving so much more than these things. It’s about balancing the chaos that is your life.

Fitness is an integral part of a balanced lifestyle. Life should consist of a healthy relationship with food, exercise, work, play, rest, and sleep. A balance of chaos.

Love your body. Peace with food. Build yourself.


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