About Me

Hey! I’m Chelsea. I am a NASM certified Personal Trainer and soon to be Registered Dietitian Nutritionist! I began my fitness career as a personal trainer at one of the top fitness industry innovators, Equinox luxury gyms. I have been working in the fitness industry for the past 7+ years.

I completed my Master’s degree in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition (FPAN) at Tufts University and the Didactics Program in Dietetics (DPD) certificate at Simmons College to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Here’s a little excerpt from my statement of purpose so you get the idea of why I’m passionate about fitness, nutrition, and food policy:

“Nutritious food should bolster our abilities; comfort food should not be a crutch to lean on. How can we teach children and adults to enjoy and respect their food, from seed to plate to compost, among generations, between families, across cultures, and worldwide?

In pursing my Master’s, I want to address these concerns through the study of nutrition and agriculture­—and the science, culture, and policies that affect our relationship with food—so that we can better educate individuals and communities on how to incorporate a healthy and sustainable food system into our daily lives. I want to contribute to research, policies, and public education by addressing society’s growing disconnect from our food system, our food culture, and our land.”

For my undergraduate degree, I attended Cornell University, where I studied Environmental Science, International Agriculture, and Global Health. At Cornell, I was also introduced to breakdancing (random, I know, but also totally awesome!). Subsequently, my opinions and ideas about food and nutrition are influenced by my experiences and studies in sustainable agriculture, and my style of training is influenced by my background as a bgirl and a gymnast.

When I’m not coaching clients or working on my business, you can find me trying out new exercises in the gym, teaching myself how to longboard, or learning new skills on aerial ropes. I also crave creativity, and I love to paint my nails in crazy designs and dream up new business ideas (social fitness outings, comfortable business shoes, anyone?).

“Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd.” – I Ching

Balance Chaos is a way of life. No one is perfect. Everyone experiences chaos. At any given moment, we are all struggling to balance the chaos in our lives. And chaos isn’t a bad thing, at all. When we train in the gym and push ourselves to work harder, we are throwing our bodies in a state of chaos. Our bodies must adapt and grow stronger to deal with that chaos. Similarly, in our personal and professional lives, we constantly take on more responsibilities. These new tasks may seem overwhelming at first, but we must learn to adapt and balance these new responsibilities within our already busy lives. Life is not static. We are always moving, growing, changing in response to the chaos that is our world. Without chaos, we would never achieve anything greater.

I want to help you balance the chaos in your life, mentally and physically, through food + fitness, knowledge + action.

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