Mental Health Group Nutrition Coaching

If you are struggling with depression or frequent episodes of low motivation or low drive for self-care, this group is for you. When we’re feeling down, that negative self talk can take over, and it’s really hard to maintain any semblance of normalcy in our lives, let alone stick to our ambitious health & fitness goals! This group is all about taking it slow, setting you up for success, and offering the compassion and support you need to balance your nutrition, fitness, and mental health.

Course Overview

Week 1 – Self-Reflection & Habit Accountability

Week 2 – Intuitive Eating & Balanced Eating Principles

Week 3 – Mental Health Nutrition 101, Grocery Shopping, & Healthy Convenience Foods

Week 4 – Realistic Meal Planning & Self-Compassion

Week 5 – Creating Momentum & Getting Out of a Slump

Week 6 – Review of Skills & Troubleshooting Barriers to Change

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