2021 Fitness Motivation + Accountability Program

rediscover your motivation for movement
redefine your goals for fitness
set your schedule for exercise

If 2020 has made you feel like an on-again, off again exerciser…
this program is for you.

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female personal trainer helping a woman with her exercise form

“In 2021, I will Balance my Chaos”

This program is for you if…

  • you feel like your fitness routine has been thrown for a loop with lockdowns and gym closures in 2020
  • you have signed up for a gym membership in the past and have stopped going because you’ve struggled to find intention, motivation, or direction
  • you hate to exercise
  • you love to exercise but have struggled to maintain a home workout routine
  • you have struggled with over-training or over-exercising and are ready (and cleared by their doctor & dietitian) to get back to moving your body with a more balanced, self-care mindset
  • you feel that your negative thoughts about your body get in the way of your movement/exercise intentions
  • you identified with any of the above statements… this program is for you!

What fitness level is this program for?

  • This program is focused on beginner to intermediate fitness levels, but has suggestions for all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • It’s more about structure, accountability, & consistent habit changes rather than skill/endurance/strength.

What will I get?

You’ll get 45 days of daily…

  • reflective prompts help you define your priorities and get you back to movement
  • guidance and goal setting to help you create your fitness schedule for the new year
  • little nudges to remind you of your intention
  • lessons to explore new forms of movement
  • exercise videos – providing structured workouts for beginners… and progressions and creative prompts for more advanced
  • tips & advice to troubleshoot any barriers that might arise in your life

You’ll get 2x one-hour group coaching calls
And you’ll get an invite to join a supportive Facebook group with expert-moderated support for all your food + fitness questions!

When does it start?

  • Program starts February 22nd and ends on April 8th.

What is it?

  • It’s 45 days of lessons (guidance, prompts, tasks, videos, & nudges) sent straight to your email inbox. (See above, “What will I get?”)
  • It’s about accountability
  • It’s about consistent habit change
  • It’s about finding the autonomy and the power within you

What is it not?

    • It’s not a structured exercise program that tells you exactly what to do everyday
    • It’s not just motivating you to workout with a bunch of “you got this!” and a sweet playlist (though that can be a part of your motivation!)
    • It’s not an exercise program guiding you to “burn calories” or instructing you to “earn your food.” There will be no diet culture propaganda in this program!
    • It’s not an aesthetics based, before & after, transformation program (yet muscle building, strength building, and even fat loss can be a part of it, too)

How much is it?

I’m offering this program for only $100!

You’re getting…

    • 6 weeks of daily lessons (valued at $250)
    • 2x one hour group coaching calls (valued at $160)
    • supportive Facebook group with expert-moderated food + fitness advice (valued at $20/month)

For only $100!

  • That’s 6 weeks of daily lessons from me for about $2/day… less than a cup of tea or coffee at your favorite shop!

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Two men in gym clothes smiling and looking at a Smartphone held by female fitness instructor

There is a huge gap in the way that we help guide people through their relationship with food and the way we help guide people back to exercise.

I’m sure you’ve heard me and a lot of other dietitians talk about resisting dieting, breaking down our food rules, and learning how to listen to our bodies and become Intuitive Eaters.

But I’m not sure if you’ve heard a lot from personal trainers (or other fitness instructors) working on joyful movement. I sure haven’t.

That’s what this program is about. It’s about connecting with your reasons to move your body and take care of yourself. It’s about finding sustainable, lasting motivation to engage in any movement activity that you choose. It’s about treating your body with respect through fitness and movement.

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