Nutrition Framework for Life

This is a general nutrition framework that I send to all my clients who want to talk nutrition with me. My goal is to provide an outline and some concepts to ensure that we are starting on the same page. A framework to live by for a balanced diet and a healthy relationship with food (which includes throwing the framework out the window every once and a while).
I present to you… A Nutrition Framework for your Life, starring the “Pick 3/4” Checklist and the 7 Balanced Diet Principles: volume, portions, meal timing, calorie & nutrient density, availability, familiarity, and variety.

“Pick 3/4” Checklist for balanced meals & snacks

7 Balanced Diet Principles

Comment below and tell me some of the things that help YOU think about and maintain a balanced diet and a healthy relationship with food.

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  1. towicrossfit says:

    This is great! In depth and solid advice.

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