Fullness in Your Throat? Feeling Full After Eating a Small Amount?

Did you know that feeling fullness in your throat or feeling full after eating small amount is not a normal part of digestion?

If you feel fullness in your throat, it might be getting in your way of nourishing yourself and developing a healthy relationship with food and your body. Stop interpreting this symptom as a sign that you should stop eating! Just because you are feeling full after eating  a small amount… This does not mean that your body has gotten enough nourishment at that meal or snack.

What does it feel like?

Clients often describe a tightness or fullness in their throat, or as if a lump of food is stuck in their throat after eating.

What is the cause?

If you’ve just eaten a few bites, do not mistake this feeling for fullness. Feeling full after eating a small amount is not normal or healthy. That discomfort you feel in the throat most commonly indicates:

  • gas (burping or the anticipation of burping),
  • heartburn (acid reflux), or
  • anxiety (you know that feeling before you’re about to cry?)

Less commonly, it could also indicate an issue with your esophagus or thyroid.

It’s not that bad. So why should I do anything about it?

Feeling fullness in the throat can prevent you from developing an accurate read on your hunger/fullness cues. Ultimately, it gets in the way of recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating (including yo-yo dieting, intermittent fasting, and skipping meals). You want to make peace with food and start trusting your body! How can you do that if food is constantly making you feel uncomfortable?

What can I do about it?

So, if you have this feeling with all or most meals… get it checked out! Talk to your primary care provider or consult with a dietitian to see what they recommend. That gas/heartburn/anxiety can often be resolved through medication and/or addressing the root causes of the issue, such as gastrointestinal issues & nutrient deficiencies that manifest from conditions like IBS.

You can also try over the counter meds (something like Pepto-bismol). I recommend this if it’s an infrequent occurrence, and it doesn’t prevent you from nourishing yourself and enjoying food!

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