How to find exercise that you enjoy

The top reasons that my clients say they don’t exercise: time, energy, and a negative association with exercise. Well, what if you found a form of movement that you were really excited to do? You might actually carve out time in your schedule. Maybe you could even do the activity with your friends or family….

How to stop being lazy and stop making excuses

Rephrase and reframe! You want to know how to stop making excuses? Stop using that phrase, and reframe your thinking. You are not lazy, and those aren’t excuses. Those are your habits, convenient behaviors, values, and unspoken priorities. “I didn’t do my meal prep.” “I only got 1 strength workout this week.” “I skipped breakfast.”…

Tips to regain your lost motivation to workout

Finding the time, space, equipment, and mental capacity to workout at home is tough. You are not alone if you feel like you lost all motivation to workout during this pandemic. I also struggled with the ebb and flow of motivation. Let me walk you through some steps to get back your groove with your…

5 Easy Tips to Get Your Butt to the Gym

1) Find a workout buddy A friend who is at about your fitness level or above it can really help motivate you to 1) show up and 2) put in more effort at the gym. Gym buddies can offer accountability. If you’re having trouble waking up early enough to get to the gym before work,…

Make Exercise a Habit – 5 Crazy Tips You Haven’t Tried

Are you trying to get back to working out? Or maybe the gym was never your thing, but you’d like to make exercise a habit. Try these unconventional tips to make the gym a more convenient and enjoyable place to be! 1) Just plug the gym address into your GPS This has worked for me….

Preventing Shoulder Injuries during Air Travel

Shoulder health & luggage. Chances are, you haven’t given a second thought to your shoulder health when it comes to preparing to travel. But you really should. I’ve seen too many shoulder injuries and discomfort from clients who have gone through years of business trips. Here’s why air travel is a likely culprit for many…

Find the Best Personal Trainer for You

After the conversation, you should feel relatively comfortable with the trainer and their approaches to help you reach your goals. Pat yourself on the back. You asked some great questions, and you can feel confident that your trainer has the skills and motivational drive to help you succeed.