Food Log

Download your Food Log Printout here! Print one out for each day you are recording your food intake, or use it as a template to record your food intake in your own notebook.
Food Log – 1 day Printout

  • Record portions as often as possible. If you can’t measure a portion, take a picture of the food with your thumb in the photo for comparison.
  • If you are very active, be sure to write down ALL activity you do throughout the day. Examples include: walking for more than 5-10 minutes, weight training or cardio, teaching a fitness class, light stretching, or doing something strenuous that moves your body (even if you wouldn’t call it a “workout.”)
  • Write down fluids you drink throughout the day: water, coffee/caffeinated beverages, and don’t forget any alcohol consumed.
  • Take a picture of your food (or the food wrapper) if you are on the go and don’t have time to record your food intake.